Cordless Drills Buying Guide

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A cordless drill is one of the most popular power tool which is used more frequently by the professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiast than any other tool.

Because there are so many cordless drill variant options available in market, people often get confused on which model to buy, One can buy this tool for as low as $40 or as high as $600. To ascertain how much you should spend on this product, it is important to understand and analyze the type of jobs you want to take up with this tool. For people who need this product for normal DIY stuff like fixing door handle, installing a wall painting or assembling cabinets the basic level cordless drill will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are buying this tool for working on construction site which requires drilling in to hard surfaces, then you must go for a high end product which comes with good torque and long lasting batteries.

The biggest convenience that cordless drills have as compared to corded options is they offer more mobility and are more convenient to use. You can easily use the cordless tools at any place without worrying about the availability of power socket. They are easy to carry and you can easily move around the work site without having to carry the wires with you.

The AC powered drills are very powerful and it is not practical to compare them in terms of power output with cordless drills. At the same time, it is also a fact that in last few years, numerous brands have launched cordless power tools which yield much more torque as they use to yield earlier. Currently, most models come with Lithium ion batteries. These batteries are light in weight and provide more run time in comparison to NiCad batteries. These batteries can hold charge for up to 18 month and have longer life span in comparison to other types of batteries.

18v and 20v cordless drills are most popular and top selling variant of this product. You have the option to choose from 12v to 36v as per your requirement. People buy 18v and 20v models as they are good for both simple DIY jobs and for tough contractor jobs. You can easily use the 20v variants to drill in to surfaces like plastic, wood, metal, etc.If the models comes with high torque capacity, you will be able to drill in to very tough and hard surfaces as well.

Some of the most trusted and best selling drill brands are Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita, Devalt, Black & Decker, Porter & Cable and Hitachi. These brands also offer Drill and Impact Driver combos at very lucrative pricing; if you are looking for powerful impact driver you can consider these options. You can buy a good quality variant at a price point of $100-$150. The pricing of powerful, high end models go up to $500-$600.


  • Weight – Preferably you should go with variant which is light in weight. It is important as you may be sometimes required to work for longer shifts. Using heavier variants will wear you out quickly by putting more strain on your wrist. The light weight drills are also easy to carry.
  • Small dimensions – Using small size variants allow you to work in tighter areas with ease. You will find it relatively easy to use this product in confined spaces like deep in to the closet or under the sink.
  • Torque – Higher the torque, more capable the drill will be. If you are buying this tool for simple DIY jobs like fixing door handles or assembling furniture you won’t require that much torque. On the other hand if you are a professional contractor or tradesmen, you might require a powerful rig to drill in to hard surfaces.
  • Speed Variations – You can compare different models on the basis of their speed (measured in RPM) capacity. Some drilling task usually requires high speed white screw fastening tasks require slow speed. Most drills come with minimum two speed settings. Having this type of option add more versatility to a drill which further allows you to take up multiple types of jobs.
  • Clutch settings – With clutch setting you can control the torque on this tool. Usually most variants come with 18+ clutch settings.
  • Grip – Using a drill with rubber makes it comfortable to hold them for long shifts.
  • Design – Most manufacturers focus on making their power tools with ergonomic design. This adds more balance to the drill and helps the operator to keep it balanced and pointed towards the target surface without putting too much force.
  • Battery Gauge – The battery gauge tells you about the current battery status. It helps to manage batteries in a better way. With this feature you will have an idea about the available juice in the battery at any given time so that you can plan your work accordingly.
  • LED lights – Manufacturers like Devalt and bosch equip their top end drill models with LED lights. This helps you to work very easily even in dark areas.

Websites like and justcordlessdrills provide a detailed review about the best selling models. If you want to read the real customer reviews you can check the amazon listing of your shortlisted model.

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